OnlineKENDO.COM offers a wide range of kendo equipments and best value price in the kendo market.

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Storage Disinfection

Dear All customer,

OnlineKendo's bamboo and wood product storage are doing standard annual disinfection. All the shinai or bokken order might delay up to 20th Augest.

If your order has been delay, we will ship a  small gift to you inside the shippment package.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.



...MORE Inc.


Supply high quality of kendo equipment for everyone,
everywhere in the world is a Kendo equipment e-shop founded in January 2002 Inc, a modern new-age online Kendo equipment supplier (kendo e-shop) is founded in January 2002. OnlineKendo have since been providing excellent tailored services to all Kendo players around the world and have never failed to work towards delivering top quality service. OnlineKendo offer a wide range of kendo equipments and guarantee the same quality kendo equipment are always at the best price in the market. OnlineKendo’s production teams are with the most experience to provide best and reliable quality for every order. In order to make OnlineKendo’s product to be reliable for every kendo player around the world, OnlineKendo’s kendo equipment product are only manufactory by experienced craftsmen for all our kendo bogu (armor), shinai (bamboo sword), Uniform (hakama and gi). Throughout the years, it has been the customer’s feedbacks that assist us in improving ourselves. Therefore, OnlineKendo highly value any feedbacks or comments.


What’s OnlineKendo’s manufactory experience?

Before year 2002, OnlineKendo are mainly supply kendo equipment to Japan, so OnlineKendo are with lots experience on provide best and reliable quality on kendo equipments. OnlineKendo have export 1M shinai and thousands of bogu to Japan every year, and now you will get the same quality kendo equipment that we export to Japan, and with factory direct price!!!


What’s OnlineKendo’s Contact Detail?

OnlineKendo has office in 3 countries (Argentina, Australia and China)

Argentina Office Contact Detail:
TEL +54 341 156029799

Contact: Jose Luis

Australian Office Contact Detail
Address 59 Nicholson St Carlton VIC 3053 Australia
TEL 0413879870
URL: (retiring)
Contact: Mike Ma

Chinese Office Contact Detail
Address 5265 Hu Tai Rd Shang Hai 201907 China
FAX: +86 21 51901505
e-mail: /
Contact: Mike Ma / Lucia Wang


Why Kendoka should choose OnlineKendo to be their Supplier?

OnlineKendo guarantee that all the kendoka will be satisfaction in our world class service.

  • Fast e-mail replay – Onine Kendo will reply Kendoka’s e-mail within 24 hours, and we speak English, not perfect but understandable.
  • Fast Shipping – OnlineKendo are only use express courier as our shipping service, so customer can get the order faster and never lost.
  • Feedback – OnlineKendo’s customer feedback board as here.  OnlineKendo’s Kendo Product reviews are readily available for all kendoka around the world.
  • Warranty – OnlineKendo are providing fully quality warranty on most of our products. OnlineKendo is the only kendo shop say it and do it. Full Warranty detail please check our FAQ.

OnlineKendo’s Sepcial Offer:

OnlineKendo are offering three special deal for customer buying more kendo equipment with us in one transition.

Special Deal 1 - 5% off on shopping value, when purchease over $150
5% discount will auto apply when customer purchases three or more kendo equipments and exceeding total value of US$150 from  
This special deal also applies for our promotion item, so save even more!!!

Special Deal 2 – 50% off on shipping, when purchease over $5000
Gain 50% off on shipping Valid with purchases of kendo equipment and
accessories from our OnlineKendo catalogue, exceeding a total value of US$500.
Yes, cheapest shipping cost grantee only with OnlineKendo!!!

Special Deal 3 – Up to 10% off for the loyalty

OnlineKendo ask that you leave us a feedback regards about our kendo equipments quality after every transaction. To demonstrate how highly OnlineKendo regard your feedback, you receive a further discount of 1% with every US$50 spent* on your next purchase.

*up to 10%


If you are a new customer and you have purchased kendo equipments of US$90 (exclude shipping cost), and you will received 2% further discount when your next purchase as loyalty.

Loyalty bonus discount rate will be add to your OnlineKendo account every time after you leave us the feedback. So, remember to leave us a feedback after every transition, and we will see you again!!


If my order goes wrong, what can OnlineKendo do for me?

If there is any problem with your kendo equipment order, customer can refer to our refund and exchange policy. Refund policy will apply when customer made no mistake but we made the mistake. Exchange policy apply when customer submit the wrong information when they submit the order.


What’s OnlineKendo’s quality problem refund policy? is responsible for all kendo products that we sold. If there is any issue regards about the quality problem, and the fault is on side of OnlineKendo, we will always responsible and try our best to help customer to work out the best solution for both of us. However, customer are responsible to provide us detail of the quality problem and follow our term and condition.

Fully Refund Term and Condition

1, All the kind of quality issue, customer must be notice us within 1 month after order arrived. Customer can send us the e-mail to notice us the issue first, and submit the photo to us later, but all the notification must be sent within 1 month after your kendo equipment arrived.

2, If customer was given the wrong size, OnlineKendo will not given fully refund, detail, please see exchange good policy.

3, There is no refund available for shinai, if the shinai has been used. But customer is allowed to unassembled the shinai and check there is no crack, or underweight.

4, Customers require to provide us the photo of the faulty product

5, If OnlineKendo require customer to return the product, customer must ship back the item with good packing.

6, If OnlineKendo require customer to destory the product, customer must desttory the good and send us the photo as evidence.


What’s OnlineKendo’s exchange policy?

If the fault is made on the side as OnlineKendo, please refer to our fully refund policy, exchange policy will only apply when customer provide wrong information when submit the order.

1, All the kind of exchange issue, customer must be notice us within 1 month after order arrived. Customer can send us the e-mail to notice us the issue first, and return the goods later, but all the notification must be sent within 1 month after your kendo equipment arrived.

2, All the kendo goods must be retrun as 100% new condition, otherwise, surcharge might apply.

3, Customer need to cover all the extra shipping cost.

4, If the return shipping cost is too expensive, customer can discuss with OnlineKendo stuff, customer can choose to destroy the original order and get discount for the second. Goods must be destroy to gain the discount.


How much does OnlineKendo consider your feedback?

Being built for your satisfaction, we appreciate any feedback or suggestions to help us serve you better.  To show you how serious we are about this, we are giving away loyalty discounts for every feedback received (see special deal 3). 



Office Location

Australian Office:
59Nicholson St
Carlton VIC 3053
Chinese Office:
5265 Hu Tai Rd Bao Shan Qu
201907 Shanghai