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Commen Question About Kendo Bogu Armor

How to define a good Kendo bogu?

From OnlineKendo’s point of view, any bogu set that suits the user and gives user the best protection, we consider as “good bogu”.

Does Japanese bogu are the same Korean bogu?

In today’s market, most of the bogu is manufactory in China, but why, there is no body called Chinese bogu, but Japanese or Korean bogu?

That’s because even the bogu are manufactured in China, but most of the material of using and manufacturing skill are originally come from Japan and Korea.

Due to different material of using and manufacturing skill, so there are some differences between Japanese and Korean traditional bogu.


Why some Japanese bogu are much more expensive than Korean bogu?

Japanese bogu are more expensive because it using more expensive material, such as deer leather, bamboo Do, IBB Men Fence.

Note: Deer leather is not the smoked deer leather on the Kote palm, but the indigo deer leather on the Buton (decoration leather)


What’s the difference between 2mm, 3mm, 4mm in Machine stitch bogu?

This is the stitching distance between the bogu. Smaller number give the closer distance between the space. In machine stitch bogu, smaller Stitching Distance make the bogu become more stiff. And larger Stitching Distance make the bogu become softer.


Does 2mm is the best Machine stitch bogu?

Not really. In fact, OnlineKendo does not recommend bogu to be made as 2mm, because it make the bogu become too stiff, inflexible and badly absorb the impact. This is also the reason, 2mm bogu are hardly found in Japanese market.


Does more expensive give better protection and duration?


More expensive bogu actually has similar protection to the normal bogu. The difference is more expensive bogu comes with more high quality material, such as deer skin, and it also has a better craftsmanship which can not be easily seen by the untrained eye.


What Bogu should you choose?


Choose a style of bogu then choose a model that doesn’t go over your budget.


Why choose


1. We have the most competitive prices.
2. We have an enromous range to choose from.
3. We have top quality.
4. We have online feedback for you to read other customer’s review.
5. We are always responsible for all our products.




How To define Expensive Kendo Bogu


1. Hand stitched or machine stitched


Hand stitched is much more expensive than machine stitched, this applies to Kote, Men and Tare, not for Mune and Do.
But normally Hand stitched bogu set comes with better Mune material and better quality Do (like bamboo Do)

Stitching distance does not really affect the price that much on machine stitch bogu, but it’s a big difference on hand stitch.


2. Kendo Bogu material


Deer skin is always more expensive, so an expensive bogu always comes with more usage of deer skin.

If there are 2 Tare, Tare A and Tare B, both with 3mm stitch, but Tare A costs $380 and Tare B only costs about $230.
The thing that differs in these two is the Tare decraction material used.
If the decoration material is using deer skin throughout, then the bogu will come with higher price, on the other hand if the
decoration’s material is using imitation leather or fabric then the bogu will more economical .

Bogu price also depends on the Men 'fence' (gane), Titanium is more expensive than Aluminum. There are some other men
fence like I.B.B which are also very expensive.


3. Custom order


The manufacturer will start to assemble your order after you placed your order. It normally costs more than the premade model
for the same material used. But the good thing is custom made bogu gives you more choices on Mune and embroidery.


4. Handcraft on Kendo Bogu


Bogu also depends on the quality of handcraft as well. But people start to worry about this matter when they are looking for really
top quality hand stitch bogu.

We always try to provide clearer idea for our customer before they purchase. For any question please e-mail us